… writing stories about a black and white perspective is boring. It’s the grey that’s interesting.

Stephen Adly Guirgis

Working with Writers

Since I started directing in 2007, I’ve had the great opportunity to work closely with a number of very talented writers. As well as directing the debut plays of Laura Stevens – Thin Toes – Steven Hevey – In My Name – and Louise Buchler – Remembering You like something I’d Forgotten – I worked closely with them on the development of their scripts towards production.

I’ve also had the good fortune to collaborate with other emerging writers, whether it’s to workshop a draft of a new play for an invited audience, or present a new piece of work as a rehearsed reading, or direct a script-in-hand performance for a writer’s showcase, I’ve been able to assist in the development of some outstanding new writing for theatre, television, and short film.

Need assistance in developing a script?

Pessoa. My-self. I.

by Tim Stubbs Hughes

A man waits in a room of a long-dead writer, surrounded by their books and possessions that have been preserved for posterity.


Tim Stubbs Hughes.

Staged performance of a new play for one actor at Scratch at the Jack, Jack Studio Theatre, London, March 2020.