A Voice

written and performed by Anne Bertreau

Paris, 1971. Plucked from obscurity by music impresario François, Angèle rises to fame to become the biggest pop star of the 60s.

But are you truly an artist when you have given your voice to someone else?

And will a career-rocking scandal force her to break free?

Anne Bertreau’s A Voice is a personal and political play that explores the moment in France in 1973 when 343 muses, consisting of politicians, musicians and artists, broke their silence on abortion and Anne connects this with the current #MeToo movement which began in 2018.

Creative Team

Director: Julia Stubbs | Design: The Company | Photographer: Tim Stubbs Hughes

Produced by YOSIS.

Performance dates

4-6 May at The Warren: The Nest, Brighton Fringe

18-26 August at C cubed, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

For 2020, French theatre company YOSIS run by Anne Bertreau and 20 South Street run by Julia Stubbs were due to co-produce a revival of A Voice at the Brighton Fringe in May and then tour the show nationally later in the year but this has now had to postponed following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reviews for A Voice

“it’s a challenging show with a nuanced and powerful solo performance, which looks to the past to reflect issues that are still very much in evidence in show-business today. This is a voice that is often lost in the glitz and glamour of the music industry, but is one that deserves to be heard.”  ★★★★ FringeGuru

“… stunningly performed… Anne Bertreau plays Angele with a wide-eyed credulousness that is filled with pathos… her physical vulnerability is captured as she changes from one glittery dress to the next, pale and exposed”  ★★★★ The Guardian

“Anne Bertreau is beguiling in her role, playing the malleable young girl with ease.”  ★★★★ The Upcoming

“Anne Bertreau performs her own script with an urgent sensitivity”  British Theatre Guide