I’ve always felt that the scene is something that happens in the space between the actors.

Declan Donnellan

Theatre Directing

I was quite unprepared for how much I would love directing. At the beginning of 2007, I was asked to direct a revival of a production of It’s A Girl! by John Burrows for its upcoming run at an international theatre festival in Romania. At the same time, I read Thin Toes an extraordinary first play by a very talented young writer named Laura Stevens. Even though at that point I was an actor and producer and there was a role I could play in Thin Toes, I felt very strongly I wanted to direct it. So empowered by being chosen to direct It’s A Girl!, I began developing Thin Toes as my first show as a director and the production eventually premiered on the London fringe in 2008.

My process as a director has been greatly influenced by my work as an actor and through watching the productions of theatre companies such as Steppenwolf and so I work closely with actors to release the performer’s freedom on stage in order to create visceral, emotional characters. I have also been influenced by directors and theatre-makers such as Declan Donnellan, Robert Lepage and Katie Mitchell and so collaborate with designers to produce a unique environment in which the actors and audience discover the play.

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