by Georgia Lovell

A woman tries to make it to a job interview at a florist having been fired by her previous employer for spending too much time in the loo.

But her body is sabotaging her ambitions.


Jessica Kinsey

Creative Team

Director: Julia Stubbs | Director of Photography: Lily Grimes.

Produced by 20 South Street, Grey Swan, and the School of Film and Television, Falmouth University.

Georgia Lovell has written this short in the hopes of spreading awareness of Endometriosis, a condition she has lived with for the last 10 years. This is her first time writing for film. She’s currently studying with renowned theatre director and former head of new writing at the National Theatre John Burgess on his annual playwriting course.

Lily Grimes is a London based drama Cinematographer coming from international news and documentary. Since graduating from the Cinematography MA at NFTS, Lily shoots TV dramas, short films, artist films, documentaries and music videos. Selected by Cannes Film Festival 2019, Lily won an RTS award in 2020 and was runner up BSC Emerging Cinematographer 2019. Lily’s films have won at the RTS Awards, Kodak Student Awards, Norwich Film Festival, Shooting People, Calcutta, Bucharest, L’Age D’Or, Virgin Spring Cinefest and competed at Aesthetica, Madrid, Bucheon, Princeton Independent, Warsaw Animation, The Smalls, Premier Plans, This is England, Pendance, 3D Wire, Golden Reel and more.

Jessica Kinsey has recently worked in short film as Girl in Boys Will Be Boys (Gimlette Production), Ray in Spare Room (Matthew’s Garden), and she played Hannah in the online/digital piece Out of Control (Chalk Roots Theatre). In theatre, her roles have included Viola in Twelfth Night (Yard Players, Jack Studio Theatre), The Mother in The Pelican (Chalk Roots Theatre, YATI), Sheila in An Inspector Calls, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (The Globe Players), Cordelia in King Lear (Yard Players, Jack Studio Theatre), Zoogoers, Rhiannon, Evelyn, Gloria and Dre in Precious Little (Jack Studio Theatre), and Irina in Three Sisters (Boris Shchukin, Moscow). Jessica’s training includes a Post Graduate Acting from Drama Centre and a BA (Hons) in Drama: Theatre, Film and Television from Bristol University.

TO WOMB IT MAY CONCERN is about a woman dealing with the physical, emotional, and societal challenges of Endometriosis. 1 in 10 women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from Endometriosis*, yet it is widely misunderstood as a condition. The symptoms can be so debilitating that living a normal life is extremely difficult.

TO WOMB IT MAY CONCERN follows Maud as she tries to make it to a job interview at a florist having been fired by her previous employer for spending too much time in the loo. But her body is sabotaging her ambitions. Based on her own experience of living with Endometriosis, Georgia Lovell has written a heartfelt and wryly humorous story in which a young woman strives to live her life whilst dealing with the condition.

The short film is currently in pre-production and will be shot on location in Falmouth in spring 2022. The production is keen to shoot the film in Cornwall to broaden the issue away from the metropolitan hubs to parts of the country where women face further challenges accessing medical help. Recent data shows a woman is hospitalised every day in Cornwall because of this condition**.

*Rogers PA, D’Hooghe TM, Fazleabas A, et al. Priorities for endometriosis research: recommendations from an international consensus workshop. Reprod Sci 2009;16(4):335-46 – c/o