Edward’s Talk – What’s Driving You?

by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart and Julia Stubbs
produced by Blueberry Goose Theatre Group
directed by Julia Stubbs

Edward (never Ted) has delivered his talk on speed awareness 2191 times over the last 10 years.

Today, it’s not quite going to plan.

A new, devised interactive solo show from a concept by A G Anderson about the impact of speed on driving, and how what happens in your life will have consequences when you get behind the wheel of a car.

Inspired by real speed awareness courses, the piece uses the vehicle of a talk about the effects of speeding on our lives as a background against which Edward’s struggles play out. Featuring audience participation and involvement in observation tasks and speeding facts and figures, the talk may encourage you to, as Edward says, “drive like it matters.”

Blueberry Goose Theatre Group were last at Edinburgh with the ★★★★ show 1:2:2192 Retribution Day in 2022 and this new solo show features Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, a director and producer of film and theatre, in his first acting role as Edward.


Andrew Bruce-Lockhart.

Voiceover Cast

Paul Bridger | Sarah Lidstone | Julie Martis | Mars Sams.

Creative Team

Directed by Julia Stubbs | Concept by A G Anderson | Photography by Grey Swan | Produced by Blueberry Goose Theatre Group.

Performance dates *Premiere

12-17 August 2024 at theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall (venue 53), Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Performance time

18:35 (50 minutes)


Edward’s Talk – What’s Driving You? theSpace

Edinburgh Preview

2 August at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London

Performance time

19:00 (50 minutes)


Edward’s Talk – What’s Driving You? Drayton Arms

In rehearsal

Photography by Grey Swan