Seven and a half Years

written and performed by Mark Glentworth
directed by Julia Stubbs

Success. Despair. A New Beginning.

Mark Glentworth was at the height of a successful music career and then he lost it all. Suffering a breakdown, he spent SEVEN and a half YEARS in isolation, firstly for six months inside a psychiatric unit and then for seven years inside his own home, existing on just a single sandwich every day from his corner shop. But eventually, he made it back to his family, to the world, and to music.

Witness an extraordinary true story as Mark shares his moving, darkly humorous, and uplifting journey through music and storytelling in this acclaimed solo show.

Creative Team

Director: Julia Stubbs | Lighting Designer for Jack Studio & Riverside Studios performances: Jonny Danciger | Production Manager for Jack Studio & Brighton Fringe performances: Marcus Glentworth | Production Photography: Grey Swan | Technical Operator for Edinburgh 2022 and National Tour 2023: Julia Stubbs | Original Edinburgh 2021 production directed by Jonny Danciger | Produced by MMGMUSIC PRODUCTIONS.

2022 Performance dates

7-12 June: Jack Studio Theatre | 7-9 July: The Garrison at Chelmsford Fringe Festival | 5-27 August: theSPACE at Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

2023 National Tour performance dates

8 April: Hastings Theatre Festival / Hastings Fringe at Stables Theatre & Arts Centre, Hastings | 20-21 May: Rotunda Theatre at Brighton Fringe | 14-15 & 18 June: Indie Summer Festival at Etcetera Theatre | 27-29 June: Alma Tavern & Theatre, Bristol | 7-9 July: Bitesize Festival at Riverside Studios | 14-15 July: Greater Manchester Fringe at Salford Arts Theatre | 17-19 July: Rotunda Theatre at Buxton Festival Fringe | 14-16 September: Applecart Arts | 28-30 December: Etcetera Theatre.

For more information please visit the show’s website: SevenandahalfYears

At the age of 16, Mark Glentworth was one of the youngest students to study percussion at the Royal Northern College of Music and it was here that he composed his world-renowned vibraphone solo Blues for Gilbert which has gone on to become the most performed, recorded and studied solo tuned percussion piece of all time.

In his career, Mark has worked with Sir John Gielgud, Sir Peter Maxwell Davis on his Fires of London, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the London Sinfonietta, the Hallé Orchestra, and as the long-term musical collaborator to actor/writer Steven Berkoff on many of his acclaimed theatre productions.

Reviews for Seven and a half Years

★★★★ “Glentworth is clearly an outstanding musician, and the music in the show – which switches seamlessly from pre-recorded tracks to live piano and back again – is testament to his talent… this is a really good piece of storytelling” North West End UK

“It’s not very often you can say you saw something that really was that bit different and when that is the case, it’s often because it was wacky or off-beat. Seven And A Half Years is not just unusual but an intensely personal piece that is both real and relevant… Seven And A Half Years was a wonderfully creative piece that never slacked in pace using a variety of genres as a showcase for the multi-talents of the solo performer. It was something more however; a story that the performer felt he needed to tell and one that certainly deserved to be told.” Reviewer Number 9

“nimbly directed by Julia Stubbs” The Reviews Hub

“Glentworth is a superb musician and the score is complex and demanding.” British Theatre Guide

“the script is well structured and tightly paced… Julia Stubbs, as director, has helped Glentworth to shape a fine acting performance… the raw material is strong and sophisticated, and work exploring the complicated human mind and what we are capable of overcoming is always a welcome addition to the theatrical canon.” All That Dazzles

“Glentworth creates an impressive drama through the music… The struggle behind the beauty of the music we hear, making this an intriguing piece of work.” Backstage Bristol

★★★★ “polished performance… Since the short run of this show last year, a part of my memory was still wrapped up in this story… Welcome back to Edinburgh!” Musical Theatre Review (2022)

“Glentworth is a talented composer and this shines through… It’s a beautiful tale of hope and mental health struggles.” LOST in Theatreland

“Glentworth has a lovely, rustic voice and his lyrics are deep and meaningful… A story discussing important and relevant themes” Theatre Travels

★★★★ “Glentworth rises to the challenge of the role magnificently… Directed by Julia Stubbs the result is a moving piece of theatre.” ReviewsGate

★★★★ “a biographical work like nothing else I have ever seen… this show tells his survivor’s story in an expression of hope… There are several very well-crafted songs in the show: songs not only from the heart but touching the heart of the listeners.” Musical Theatre Review (2021)

“This music is very, very moving” Actor/Writer Steven Berkoff