Peeled Over

written, performed & produced by The Laughter Unit

A 50-minute sketch show mixing live and filmed material and providing you with a raw look into the bizarreness of everyday life.  

There’ll be something for everybody; from no-brainer visual insults to highly detailed observations… Because there’s nothing funnier than the misfortune of others!

The Laughter Unit is a collective of comedians and performers who write, produce and direct their own material. They all perform for a variety of venues, events and comedy nights; including Madame JoJos in Soho, The Attic in Manchester, and Hilltops in Bolton, and are regular hosts of on behalf of Warner.

The material produced is an exciting mixture of film and live performance that explores the boundaries of live performance on both stage and screen, and it’s produced in collaboration with exciting and heavyweight directors and distributors.


Marie Blount | Jonathan Ellen | Avril Poole | Nick Price | Rachel Stubbings.

Creative Team

Director: Julia Stubbs | Produced by The Laughter Unit and Weaver Hughes Ensemble.

Performance dates

2-26 August 2007 at The Green Room, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.