Hamlet our brother

a version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet by Julia Stubbs Hughes
produced by 20 South Street

Hamlet the king is dead. Hamlet the prince is dead. All are dead but one. Horatio alone survives, standing amongst the fallen.

Hamlet our brother brings Horatio, the observer to a tragedy, centre stage in this one-man exploration into the aftermath of Shakespeare’s most famous play.


Jeffrey Mundell.

Creative Team

Director: Timothy Stubbs Hughes | Set Designer: Karl Swinyard | Lighting Designer: Katie Nicoll | Sound Designer/Music: Philip Matejtschuk | Photographer: Timothy Stubbs Hughes | Produced by 20 South Street.

Performance dates *Premiere

5-9 April 2016 at the Jack Studio Theatre, London

The programe for Hamlet our brother can be viewed here

Reviews for Hamlet our brother

“Julia Stubbs Hughes has deconstructed the play and reconstructed it using only Shakespeare’s text to look at the events from the perspective of the survivor… she has created an intriguing monologue for an actor and Jeffrey Mundell rises splendidly to the challenge, delivering the famous set pieces handsomely and keeping the attention of the audience throughout… As a contribution to the 400th anniversary of his death celebrations, this is certainly one of the more interesting offerings.” ReviewsGate

“Mundell’s intense, physical performance is fantastic, as are the design components. Karl Swinyard’s set, two rows of copper pipes forming a cell-like corner, is simple but creates striking shadows with Katie Nicolls’ lighting.” The Play’s The Thing UK

“Under Timothy Stubbs Hughes’ direction, Jeffrey Mundell has a heavy task: he has to reflect on Hamlet’s journey as Horatio and then also become all of Hamlet’s characters. With no one to play off of and with a vast amount of lines to deliver without an interval, Mundell’s focused commitment is very impressive… Katie Nicoll’s lighting design accompanies it very effectively, with clever, delicate lights… The music, composed by Philip Matejtschuk successfully aids the atmosphere of the piece, occasionally adding dramatic tension to the scenes.” A Younger Theatre

“All characters that feature in this version of Hamlet are played by Jeffrey Mundell, who displays a broad versatility, more than capable of handling the various emotions and personalities of different characters… Katie Nicoll’s lighting design is subtle and effective, and in a smaller studio space, some of Shakespeare’s lines are given a more understated treatment… if you like your one-actor one-act shows, you’ll very likely enjoy this one too.” London Theatre 1