Adaptations are new plays too.

Helen Edmundson


In 2005, I started to write having been inspired and encouraged by the award-winning playwright and screenwriter Helen Edmundson. I had been fascinated by Edith Wharton’s groundbreaking short novel Summer for many years and so I began the process of adapting it into a play. But rather than adapt the whole novel in a conventional sense, I decided to focus on the relationship between the three main characters and create a play that told the story wholly from their point of view. After several years of workshopping and development, the first production of the play premiered on the London fringe in 2012.

I chose to challenge myself even further with my second play, Hamlet our brother as I adapted William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a solo piece, reimagined from the perspective of the character of Horatio. The first production of the play premiered on the London fringe in 2016.

I’m currently in development with my third play which is based on a novelette by the renowned diarist and writer Anais Nin.

I’m also a lover of cinema and in 2011, during the development of Summer, I began to write a film blog. Called JSHmoviestuff and with a tagline of “the movies I think you should see” it celebrates cinema by recommending films and movies that I’ve watched and enjoyed.