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The other international production that I have had the privilege to direct was the UK Premiere of Desire (Desig) by the landmark Catalan playwright Josep Maria Benet i Jornet.

I had come across the play firstly in 1999, when I played the lead character of ‘She’ in the premiere of the reading of the English translation by Sharon G. Feldman at the Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester.

Fascinated by the play ever since, because of its almost real-time depiction a woman descending into madness, after In My Name, I felt I wanted to take on the challenge of directing the piece and so began a correspondence with Feldman and Benet i Jornet.

Travelling to Barcelona to meet them both in 2009 was a phenomenal experience for me and I returned from the trip determined to create a production worthy of them and the play.

With a cast of impressive actors – Annabel Cleare, Isabelle Gregson, Simon de Deney and Stephen Connery Brown – the production premiered at the White Bear Theatre, London in July 2010.

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‘Stubbs Hughes’ production of Desire manages to effectively capture a mysterious sense of confusion as Cleare frustratingly searches to unravel her own desire.’

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‘There is much to admire in Jornet’s deep analysis of the fundamental questions and problems implicit within relationships. The feeling of a lurking unseen terror is superbly impressed on the audience, heightened by the well illustrated themes and the use of ticking, ringing and scratching that provide the soundtrack to the mounting frustrations and sense of panic.’


‘20 South Street deserve praise for bringing the work of award-winning Catalan writer Josep M. Benet i Jornet to a wider audience.’